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Traffic Statistics for Snowy Conditions

Everyone knows that driving in the snow can be dangerous, but are accidents really more common during the winter months? Researchers at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Michigan compared crash data with state weather data to examine the effect of snowfall. These results showed that fatal crashes are actually less common on snowy days, but the rate of non-fatal accidents increases. In general, the first snow of the year typically has higher accident rates than those that follow.

In addition to roadway safety, research has been done on the impacts of different weather conditions on traffic flow. A Federal Highway Administration publication looked at data from Baltimore, the Twin Cities, and Seattle to assess the effects of different weather types on traffic flow parameters. Interestingly, weather conditions were not found to impact the density for which traffic jams occur. However, the presence of light snow decreased traffic capacity by as much as twenty percent, and free flow speed by as much as sixteen percent. The study also noted that traffic usually moved slower in snowy conditions in the Twin Cities than in Baltimore, despite snow being more common in the former. One explanation for this result was that drivers were more aware of the dangers of driving in adverse conditions. Clearly, snow and ice have are a burden on our highways, and improved measures to combat their effects will benefit our transportation networks.

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